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The Luau Show is an energy-filled entertaining revue of the dances, drumming, and music of the Islands.  In addition to the graceful story-telling dances of Hawaii, it includes the fast pulsating hip movements of Tahiti,  Maori Poi Ball dances of New Zealand, Samoan slap dances, and (if you include the fire dance) the dramatic leaps, spins, and whirling of the fire dancer's flaming torch.   Also features beautiful authentic costuming (including the tall colorful headdresses and other island garb) and audience participation.  The show includes its own sound system and emceeing. 

Do you also want Lei Greeters?    , Includes greeters and silk leis.



Catering / Menu Changes....

If you want the buffet that comes with your package, don't change the menu defaults below


Menu Additions...

... Soft drinks and Ice

... Assorted cookies and cakes

... Cutlery and place settings (Plastic forks, spoons, knives, napkins, plates, cups)

Salad Substitutions & Additions...

... Carrot and raisin salad

... Cole slaw

... Fruit Ambrosia

... Sesame Somen Noodle Salad

... Mixed Fresh Fruit

Main Course Substitutions ...


... Chicken Katsu

... BBQ Spicy Pork 

... Mochiko Chicken

... Chicken Fried Rice

... Beef Fried Rice

... Glass Noodles


Tables, Chairs, Linens?

Buffet Servers?

Bar Tenders?

($6-8 / guest, incl buffet tables -- we'll send you a quote based on your guest count)

(We will send you a quote based on your guest count)

(We will send you a quote based on your guest count)

Luau Gift Bags?

For adults:   For children:  ($7 / adult bag;  $5 / child bag)   


Adults:  Hawaiian coffee, chocolate-coated macadamia nuts, Hawaiian pineapple shortbread cookies, Hawaiian herbal teas.   Kids:  Visor, fan, beach ball, puzzle, stickers, squirt toy

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